Yamada Nishiki Rice Krispies?

At a recent tasting party called “Umai-jan – Junmai-shu” (“Ain’t that junmai-shu tasty?”) a brewer from Kanagawa  (Hashiba-san from Izumibashi) gifted all 250 attendees with a little bag of puffed rice made from Kanagawa Prefecture-grownYamada Nishiki (basically the best variety of sake rice, albeit a ways out of its best growing region) and  bit of a rice called “Wasanbon” from Tokushima. The guy next to me, a retired gov’t taster, went off about how they made it.

“Somehow they heat it up then all of a sudden reduce the pressure… ” he was still yakkin’ away but I had figured it out (and returned to my sipping, albeit politely): they’re basically Rice Krispies. They are a bit sweet too, but I have no idea when enzymes for starch to sugar conversion would have been involved, so I am assuming they added sugar. Another similarity to Rice Krispies.  This may be the most extravagant breakfast cereal ever.

Don’t these guys have, like, sake to brew?

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